Audio Applications


Eridanus is a stand-alone monophonic synthesizer that operates on Linux systems (Ubuntu).

Digital Signal Processing: Mark Matamoros
Graphical User Interface: Allen Nobles and Mark Matamoros
Project Folder:

This software instrument is comprised of the following components: two selectable waveform oscillators for a single voice, two low frequency oscillators for AM/FM modulation, a multimode filter, an envelope for filter modulation, an envelope for amplitude modulation, a selectable saturation stage, and an end-output control. This instrument can be controlled with the user interface or a hardware MIDI controller. The latter option only provides note selection.

Technologies: JUCE, C++
Compatibility: Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.01


Purple is a signal processing guitar-effects application created for digital audio workstations (AU/VST Plugin) and for the Pure Data programming environment (external).

Author: Mark Matamoros
Project Folder:

Within Purple, users can implement tremolo, two distortions, and a stereo widener for incoming audio. Regarding functionality, the stereo widener is only available within the plug-in version and is dependent on the utilization of a stereo audio file.

Technologies: JUCE, C++, C
Compatibility: Tested on OSX 10.11.1 - Reaper 5.1, Garageband 10.1.0 Live 9.2.3, PD 0.46-7 64bit

FFT Player

FFT Player is an audio visualizer plugin for digital audio workstations.

Author: Mark Matamoros
Music: Mark Matamoros
Project Folder:

While audio analysis plugins are typically utilized for mixing purposes, this particular plug-in is tailored for live performance visuals, where the user can "play" the visuals. This early-prototype software can be viewed as an alternative to standard visualization systems, where musicians can integrate a visualizer tool within their chosen audio workstation.

Technologies: JUCE, C++
Compatibility: Tested on OSX 10.14.6

Mono Synth

Mono Synth is an Android audio application that serves as a sound generator through screen interaction and physical movement.

Author: Mark Matamoros
Project Folder:

This project was developed for handheld mobile phone devices, where control can be handled via touch screen coordinates and accelerometer readings. Within this application, sound is outputted upon the user interacting with the touch screen. While y-axis values dynamically control the amplitude, the x-axis handles the audible pitch. Activation of the accelerometer, through a rapid twisting motion, will create a vibrato effect.

Technologies: Android SDK, Java
Compatibility: Tested on Android 4.4.4