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Thesis: Part One

Thesis Area of Interest. November 1, 2020.


Throughout my prior twenty years of life within analog and digital audio/music production work, hardware/software interfaces that deviated from common designs have typically garnered a strong, personal interest. While approaching a tool with a familiar layout can bring a sense of comfort and confidence, handling a device possessing unconventional characteristics tends to squeeze out fresh, creative approaches. This interest in uncommon designs have significantly influenced my academic pursuits within three separate universities, as I have yearned for a deeper understanding of products such as the Reactable, Yamaha's Tenori-on, Big City Music's Swarmatron, and Haken's Continuum. Furthermore, I have always found delight in the music artist Author and Punisher's custom controllers. In light of this enthusiasm, I am intending to pursue a thesis project pertaining to the design of a musical instrument.

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While I have continually drawn upon my computer science background to assist in the programming of musical projects created at NYU, I have also been implementing fabrication and circuit design techniques gained through ITP coursework. Examples of this work has been evident in wood-based fabrication projects and the implementation of components such as membrane potentiometers, conductive rubber cords, and synthesizer-based integrated circuits. Hence, continuing the mentioned studies within my thesis would be gratifying.

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