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Spring 2020

Sound in Space

Week 1: Monophonic Assignment. February 9, 2020.


For our first assignment, we students were asked to create a music composition for a single speaker (mono). As the ability to spatialize audio in a left-to-right manner is not an option, I chose to focus on movement in an down-to-up manner. Furthermore, I utilized the Shepard's tone as a reference point for this creation.


As previously mentioned, the intent with this particular work was to give the perception of an upward motion. My approach entailed the utilization of multiple oscillators rising in frequency, triggered in equally timed increments. Furthermore, each oscillator begins and ends with the same starting and ending frequency. Additionally, a low pass filter's cutoff, applied globally, continuously "opens" throughout the piece. For aesthetic purposes, a global reverb and tremolo (amplitude modulation) are also gradually adjusted in a continuous manner. The intent with the latter two components was an attempt in applying "tension."

Music score, graph based

Regarding tools to create this piece, Logic was utilized as the workspace, where Fab Filter's One provided the oscillators. Additionally, U-he's Runciter handled the filtering and 2cAudio's Aether provided the reverb. Logic's native Tremolo was also utilized in the piece. Additional processing pertained to equalization and gain structuring, where the former was applied with Logic's native equalizer and Voxengo's Elephant for the latter.

Logic session with FabFilter's One Logic session with U-he's Runciter
Logic session with Logic's native Tremolo Logic session with 2cAudio's Aether

Regarding the loudspeaker for playback, I chose to utilize one of my DynAudio BM5a monitors, as a "more accurate" sonic production of this work could be handled with this unit.

Router with installed router bit

While I could have captured the playback of this piece in a live-recording manner, the following file is the session's rendering. This choice pertains to the sonic degredation typically applied from the utilization of a microphone.

Note: While I initially intended to create this work in MaxMsp or PureData, I figured that my workflow would be more efficient in Logic.